Ski Map

    Best ski in Turkey!

    The total length of our slopes exceeds 20 kilometers. Consisting of 2 beginners slopes, 6 easy slopes, 8 intermediate slopes and 7 advanced slopes, there are 23 slopes in total. The total capacity of our lifts is 6,000 people per hour.

    Powder Ski Academy

    As Powder Ski Academy; our mission is to instruct students from every age in a professional manner, while at the same time offering them opportunities to enjoy their snow experience to the fullest. With their Turkish National Team background, our team consists of expert academic staff each of whom has the knowledge and experience required by their profession. With programs that are designed to enable the students to have fun while improving their skills, you will join among the ski lovers sooner than you can imagine.

    Kartal Otel Snowboard Club

    Our chief instructor Yücel and his team is eager to win new members to the snowboard community! Open to students from every skill level, Kartal Otel Snowboard Club awaits you.

    Kartal SnowPark

    Good news for the adrenaline seekers!

    Turkey's biggest Snowpark is designed by Austrian engineers according to the international standards. The park is equipped with one kicker line with 3 ramps, rail line with 13 ramps and boarder cross tracks in different difficulty levels. For all the adrenaline seekers who want to imrove their free-style skills, Kartal Snowpark awaits you!

    Ski Rental

    Best ski room in Turkey!

    With its high-end equipment, professional service and heated lockers, our fully renovated ski room is operated by the well-known outdoor brand Karspor.


    Known for its diverse brands and top quality products by all Turkish sports-lovers, SPX operates our boutique located at the Lobby floor.