Chalet Kartal
    Chalet Kartal
    • 9416_0197_4629-cube-metrekare
      176 m2
    • 9816_0197_4628-peoples
      8 Person
    • 8316_0197_4629-bed
      4 Bed Rooms

    Located 100m away from the hotel, Chalet Kartal was built in 1985 as a replica of the Austrian Chalets at the time. With its stone fireplace, own kitchen and isolated location immersed in nature, it offers an authentic mountain experience to groups at the peak of Kartalkaya. Pawed friends are allowed in our chalet. For further information about Chalet Kartal, please contact us.

    2 Queen Beds, 2 Twin Beds, 1 Bunk Bed, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Kitchens, 2 Living Rooms, Stone Fireplace, Boiler, Parquet and Carpet Floor, TV, Hair Dryer, Safe