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When you say vacation, the first thing that comes to your mind is warm spring days or hot summer months which commune with sea and sand. In almost every office, people who want to take their annual leaves, choose summer months. People, who want to benefit from sun and sea sufficiently, start to pour along Aegean and Mediterranean beaches as if they try to compete for crowding the beaches.

However, now a world of Winter Vacation begins to arise slowly. The pleasure of snow of winter months, healthy life of winter sports open up horizon for people who get bored at their offices and are buried under noisy and mechanized monotonous days of city life.

In recent years, a great increase starts in the number of people who want to spend their vacations in winter months.

People, who pack their suitcases and want to vacation at the mountains, escape from cities’ air polluted with radiators’ smokes and go to the source of extremely white snow cover of pine odors. Thereby they find opportunities of both sports and relaxation by fulfilling their lungs with clean mountainous air.

Studies on Bolu Mountain

While this new vacation world slowly takes its place near summer months, business managers get ready to serve people who want to spend their vacation in this way. Now there is an intense working environment in Bolu. Presently, Bolu Mountain is on the way of being second Uludağ with snowy hills and having a lot of snow for 5 months of the year.

Because of the facilities in Uludağ almost overflow in winter months and all of the hotel rooms being full by the bookings which had been made months before, fix attentions on Bolu. Bolu Mountain having distance of 240 km to Istanbul, the most crowded city in Turkey and distance of 200 km to Ankara, the Capital city of Turkey, is going to become second winter relaxation region in Turkey and the breathing region of polluted, big cities with the facilities in progress.

The Facilities in Kartalkaya and Kartal

In these days, there is a combative working environment at hard natural conditions with heavy snowfall on the hills of Bolu Mountain. And winter relaxation and ski facilities have been building with an eight-year perspective on this hill named as Kartalkaya having elevation from sea level of 2000 meters. When six units have been completed on this forest area which is suitable for ski sports for 5 months of the year, it will mean that the goal has been achieved and entire ski center will activate as an enormous complex at the end of eight years.

Kar Şirketi, which has been established by former owner of Koru Motel which has distance of 10 km to Bolu, and the first unit of 260-bed hotel which he undertakes to build in the forest area in Kartalkaya, will be activated in the End of Ramadan. Thereby, the first unit will come into service as winter relaxation and ski center in winter of 1977-1978.

The first hotel rises in 2500 meter squares of 160 thousand meter squares which have been reserved by the Ministry of Forestry for ski runs and areas for benefitting from the nature. The facilities, which Turizm Bankası provides loan of 14 million liras and gives customs exemption at 100% for the materials to be imported for the first time in Turkey %100, will be 1500-bed when it has been built.

Its planning has been made by Austrian expert.

Mazhar Murtezaoğlu, who is the owner of Kar Şirketi, indicates that the planning had been made by Helmut Seen who is the planner of ski centers and winter relaxation facilities in Austria, and declares as follows.

Ministry of Tourism and Directorate General of Promotion and Ministry of Forestry showed great tolerance to us. We benefitted from loan of Turizm Bankası and also the Ministry of Forestry reserved a very area. We presented our projects and get incentive certificates. Also the Ministry of Customs gave customs exemption at 100% to us for the first time in Turkey. We had started the construction of the first unit in May 1975 and we had worked only for 5 months. In 1976, we worked for 8 months and complete the building in 13 months. Presently, internal and external rendering, decoration and other trim works are remaining.

Forest Engineer, Mazhar Murtezaoğlu stated that they gave 1.5 million liras to ski run arranger for only arranging ski runs and that came to customs of Ankara and notified that chair lift, some equipment of kitchen tools, electronic devices and cold storages will be imported.

Mazhar Murtezaoğlu told that they undertake the maintenance and snow removal works of the entire road beginning from hot springs section of Bolu city and 25 km from Aladağ turnout of the districts of Kıbrıscık and Seben, and continued to tell that the entire road between Bolu and the facilities is totally 45 km.

Forest Engineer, Mazhar Murtezaoğlu, who declares firstly Mercedes marked heavy duty vehicles had been bought for excavation and other works to construction of the facilities, states about the properties of the facilities as follows:

“When we bought heavy duty vehicles, first we completed the entire 5 km road. The heavy duty vehicles were in the manner that they could be benefitted for using in excavation and snow removal works in winter. After their planning had been done, Yalçın Oğuz and his wife Beate Oğuz who are lecturers in Ankara Engineering and Architectural Academy prepared the projects. We began its construction and worked under very hard conditions.”

The hotel had 82 room and 260 beds. There are dining hall where 300 people can simultaneously dine, television room, seminar saloon and resting saloons. Moreover, a thermal energy center is located at the hotel where 2 boutiques and 1 coiffeur will come into operation at the hotel. Automatic washing machines, laundry room and garbage furnace will take place. The water is taken from the Treasury; we will produce electricity by 3 giant generators. Besides hotels, there will be pavilions and the facility is calculated to be cost for 150 million liras at the end of 8 years.

We received help from Mr. Latif Osman, former president of Turkish Ski Federation, for establishing ski center. The ski training will be realized by Retired Major General Reşit Aydıngün. Our company sent him to winter sports center to make examinations. He still makes examinations in winter sports center in Europe.

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